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What is My Telly?

My Telly is a complete, personalised guide to TV in the UK. It displays every time with detailed descriptions for all TV programmes broadcasting and streaming near you. Find out more about us.


Every TV Programme, Every TV Channel.

UK viewers can browse the TV schedule of every channel, broadcasting in every region of the UK. If a TV channel is not watched often, it can be removed from the guide and put back on at a later date.


How do I find my local TV guide?

Simply select your location to find out what's on your local TV channels.

You can also browse TV listings by city. Bookmarked TV schedules are included for the top UK regions, including Anglia, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Channel Islands, Cumbria, East Midlands, Henley on Thames, London, London (Essex), London (Kent), Meridian (East), Meridian (West), North East, North East Midlands, North West, North Yorkshire, Northern Ireland, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Scotland (Borders), Scotland (Central), Scotland (North), South England, South Lakeland, South West, Wales, West Dorset, West England, West Midlands, Yorkshire and more.

International TV listings are currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, France and Italy.


Can I get a TV guide for the UK on my phone or tablet?

Yes! My Telly is available for your iPhone and iPad on the App Store and for most Android devices at Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Discover more about our UK TV apps


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