About My Telly

Introducing the UK's TV listings guide - My Telly

My Telly's UK TV Guide is your complete and customised guide to what's on television in the UK. My Telly covers every TV programme broadcasting to you via Freeview, Sky, Virgin and more.

My Telly is made by our highly expert team of TV listings editors right here in the UK. We know what's on TV tonight and amendments are made 24/7 as they happen, so you'll never miss a TV programme again.

My Telly features:

  • With My Telly's unique customisation tools, tailor your viewing experience to perfectly match your preferences
  • Browse and find local UK TV listings and streaming titles instantly
  • Browse UK TV listings by region
  • See what's on now, tonight and up to 14 days in advance
  • Full descriptions for TV programmes
  • A handy search engine to search for TV programmes based on specific keywords
  • Ability to hide channels or add your favourite channels. You can do this with your streaming services too!
  • An 'On Now' feature to instantly highlight what's on TV right now
  • Get alerted before a programme starts. We'll send you a quick heads-up message so that you never miss a programme again

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